Realtr is a unique, all-in-one smart solution, aiding the smooth conversion of potential leads to highly valued deals through effective scheduling of appointments and hassle-free invoicing and many other intriguing features for high levels of productivity and performance within the real estate industry. We are armed and arrayed with the top-of-the line features and are tested and evaluated on the outcomes expected to be reflected.

Zonerberry CRM is an all-inclusive, smart, cloud-based solution that enables business in creating and maintaining healthy relationships with customers. This software allows an individual or a team to actively update and alter customer information to keep track of future opportunities and assess gaps further through report generation using BI and AI technologies.

The Xelution Legal system is built for lawyers and law firms to productively handle legal cases and associated clients through the systematic organization of case related matter, managing tasks, to-dos and hearings, utilizing a shared calendar and reminders and also creating reports on bettering legal practises.

The Xelution Health system delivers paperless, software-assistemd, live recording and handling of patient data along with immediate care-protocol guidance available at your fingertips. The system is engineered to utilize the cloud-based server to store data and act as an EMR displaying the records hence allowing remote access to users such as clinicians and management.

Xelution delivers comprehensive and innovative IT solutions to small and medium sized organizations enabling them to use a simple, cloud-based CRM for sales, support and marketing activities. The CRM system effectively maintains customer interactions through timely reminders and specific notifications.

Cardis is powered by INFOCHAIN, an end to end supply chain execution company. We build supply chain solutions using state of the art technologies with a pool of skilled domain and technology experts. We provide, route & load planning, booking & job management, shipping & carrier contacts and driver & helpers management for the effective delivery of service.